How Fedora chose me

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Thanks for the great read.  Hope you enjoy Fedora!


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> I just saw that the "Guess who's right behind Ubuntu at Distrowatch" has
> been continuing as some learned Fedora vs Ubuntu debate. Since I deleted
> those messages, I have to start a new thread.
> Countrary to most people here, I'm not very tech savvy. All I want is my
> distro to work. I have a certain age, my health is, to say the least, less
> than optimal and, to me, the less trouble, the better.
> I tried (K)Ubuntu and Debian about 2 years ago before adopting Mandriva
> and, with both distros, after spending 15 minutes listening to streaming
> audio with Amarok, I found that, on the next reboot, both my user and root
> passwords were changed. Not being very much into security auditing, I
> opted for Mandriva because, at the time, SELinux still seemed to cause
> issues with Fedora.
> Mandriva fared well except, at the end, it would take about 5 minutes to
> boot. Glitch or hack, I have no idea, but I put up with this for maybe two
> months because, the Mandriva community being less learned than the Fedora
> community, I didn't feel like inquiring about this very uncommon matter.
> As Fedora 11 came out, I bought a new computer. SELinux issues seemed to
> have been ironed out and I also soon found out that it was the only distro
> that would install with a correct 1280 x 1024 screen definition. Mandriva,
> for instance, never could get me to a login screen. Suse, which I would
> never have been caught dead using, gave me a 800 x 600 screen and, as far
> as I remember, it was the best of the bunch. There was a time when I
> fiddled in xf86config, but not anymore...
> So, Fedora chose me more than I chose Fedora. I was afraid that, Fedora
> having a bleeding edge reputation, some applications would prove unstable,
> but it wasn't the case.
> The only serious problem I had with Fedora is a kmod-nvidia package from
> testing was installed while I had never enabled testing. How this
> happened, I have no idea.
> Of course. I've read that deb packaging being more elaborate than rpm,
> upgrades are easier. I'll see. I hope it's not too complicated 'cause, for
> the time being, I'm in bed 12 hours a day and, on big days, I wash the
> dishes.
> I know geeks like Fedora, but I hope it keeps working for me too. Though
> Fedora 11 worked right out of the box two weeks after release, now that I
> have it installed on my computer, I might wait a month or two before I
> adopt the new version of Fedora. I just don't want to take chances.
> >From what I read along the last years, it seems that integrating SELinux
> seemlessly into Fedora has been a painstaking experiment. So much so that
> only Red Hat/Fedora went for this venture straight on without
> shilly-shallying. Even Suse has pretty much given up on AppArmor
> development, whose implementation was easier than SELinux.
> People here talk a lot about package management. As the security of the
> net is not improving and Linux market share will hopefully be increasing,
> I wonder if Red Hat's investments in security will not be what will
> finally pay off.
> I'm as far from a geek as anybody can be, but I certainly appreciate that
> Fedora chose me.
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