The "other distro" to offer ppc support!

Phil Meyer pmeyer at
Wed Sep 16 03:18:43 UTC 2009

On 09/15/2009 05:50 PM, gilpel at wrote:
> Speaking about "the other distro". According to Distrowatch, Karmic should
> offer ppc support, which was dropped with Feisty in April 2007:
> Talk about having ressources at hand! If I was Shuttleworth, I could think
> of a few other projects I could use them on... I'm sure all Maccies
> wouldn't be caught dead using Linux, will obey their Master and gladly
> upgrade their hardware to Snow Leopard compliance within 6 months.

The PPC CPU is used in more systems that are NOT MAC than are.

The PS3 and xbox 360 run different versions of the PPC.

Many of the larger and small computer systems IBM sells are PPC based.

There are others, but that should give you an idea.

P.S.  The are a lot of automobiles out there that could run a PPC based 
Linux if you were allowed to tap into the car computer system. :)  I 
remember, possibly incorrectly, the first 3,000,000 PPC CPUs went into 
cars (starting in 1992).  The auto industry basically paid for the 
further development of the PPC architecture.

 From the WIKI article on PPC: "Almost half the world's automobiles have 
at least one PowerPC controller in them."

There are very good reasons to keep up with PPC deployments of Linux.

Have fun!

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