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> On Wed, 16 Sep 2009 00:26:56 +0000
> Joseph L. Casale wrote:
>> Hey Guys,
>> I am about to get a netbook for home/work so it must dual boot Linux
>> and windows. What are some opinions anyone having used various brands
>> have?
> I have an Acer Aspire One (the one with the 160gb hard drive and 1gb of ram)
> that I bought just about exactly one year ago, and I love it.   I mostly use it
> for reading ebooks and as a network test rig on service calls for the cable
> tv/Internet/telephone company that I do some occasional work for.
> I booted it up once with the Windows XP that came with it to be sure that it
> worked, then reformatted it and installed Fedora 10 on it.   I have since
> upgraded it to Fedora 11.
> Recently the wifi light on the front of the keyboard magically started
> working.  It never worked before but a kernel upgrade somewhere along the line
> must have added support for the light.  The wifi itself works fine.
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Why you did so? Was it really necessary to activate window$ if you
only wanted to see that everything is in order? Why you didn't convert
those useless window$ into cash? If you hadn't activated it you could
return some value for it. It is possible even in lawless Russia!
People! Do not activate window$! Return your money! Do not be a
sponsor for Billy!
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