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Paul W. Frields stickster at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 20:19:40 UTC 2009

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 10:22:08AM -0400, Maurizio Ungaro wrote:
>    My point was more philosophical: I like to have control on whats
>    installed/activated.... that's one of the Linux features I always liked.

You can still configure this through the /etc/sysconfig/selinux file
for persistent change, or make SELinux permissive using 'setenforce
0', or boot with 'selinux=0', or...  That configurability all

>  Things are generally handled with labels now, which are more flexible
>  and don't rely on easily-broken device names like /dev/sda.  Also,
>  there's a /dev/disk/* area you can use which I find is really helpful
>  when I'm looking for a specific disk.  I don't have to know whether
>  it's sda, sdb, sdf... which is good, especially now that 187-in-1
>  media readers (or whatever it's up to today) are so popular!
>    Ok maybe I'm missing something. If I look at /dev/disk, I would expect
>    that every disk or partition to be listed in every subdirectory there:
>    by-id, by-label.
>    I'd also expect that every entry there is listed in fdisk -l. Am I wrong?

I don't know how fdisk behavior conforms to modern specs.  I think
most people rely on parted nowadays.

>  Hm, that's interesting, because I have an external hard drive on a
>  machine here that does sleep just like it should when unused.  So it's
>  not a system wide problem.  Do you have any processes running which
>  might be using the drive?
>    Ok that means it's me. I'm positive I don't have processes running on it
>    though. I have to unplug it.
>    thanks for the quick, and knowledgeable, response.

Sorry I don't have them more often, or that they're incomplete
sometimes. :-)

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