simple way to build rpm?

Fernando Cassia fcassia at
Thu Sep 17 01:24:33 UTC 2009

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 9:32 PM, Todd Zullinger <tmz at> wrote:
> Fernando Cassia wrote:
>> It is just RIDICULOUS not to have an automated way to create RPMs.
> Feel free to write such a tool.  Those that exist have various fatal
> flaws.  I'd certainly never use checkinstall on my system nor would I
> want anyone producing rpms with it for inclusion in Fedora. :)
> Again, feel free to write it.  No one else has done a good job of this
> yet.

Could you please tell what is wrong with checkinstall other than "it sucks" ??

I'm sure the author of checkinstall would be more than happy to
receive bug reports.

Instead, the attitude I saw here was that checkinstall sucks, and that
everybody should build RPMs the traditional (complex) way.


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