Install Fedora, use Fedora as server

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Fri Sep 18 08:27:28 UTC 2009

I did not see the install option after booting from Fedora 11 live CD, but I will look again.  

Thanks for the suggestion to use CentOS and its ease of use.


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On Fri, 2009-09-18 at 00:02 -0700, Richard Chang wrote:
> I am currently running Fedora 11 from a live CD.  How can I install it
> on my computer so that I can boot directly to it? 

It's a while since I've played with a live disc, and I haven't tried the
Fedora 11 live disc, but I seem to recall that when you booted the
Fedora live discs, there was an option menu about booting or installing.
Some other distros left you with a desktop icon to start up an
installation process.

> Can I use Fedora 11 as a web server?

Yes, but...  

If you're making it public, and intend to have it around for the long
term, you'll find having to regularly update the OS (to stay on top of
security issues) to be a pain.  For that sort of thing, a system with a
longer lifespan (e.g. CentOS) can be better.

Though for *short* *term* provision of services, internal testing, etc.,
I find it good.


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