F11: Fedora's Netbeans, Eclipse, and Tomcat.

Daniel B. Thurman dant at cdkkt.com
Sat Sep 19 01:13:55 UTC 2009

>From what I can tell, there is no possible way
to run Fedora's implementation of Netbeans
and Eclipse against Fedora's implementation
of Tomcat 5 & 6.

Tomcat5 is structurally different, almost completely
"rearranged" and tomcat6 has missing pieces that
could not be found, or so the error messages say.
I have tried everything I could and could not
get it to work.

If one were to download Netbeans/Eclipse directly
from the vendors, it will not work against Fedora's
Tomcat implementations but works against Apache's
Tomcat versions, or so it seems.

Has anyone ever gotten Fedora's implementation
to work "natively"?

I have gotten NB/EC to work just fine on F9, however,
I had to "tweak" Fedora's implementations of T5/6
to get it to work, and also installed Apache's versions
as well, but it works.  No dice w/ F11 - it's just too
different/difficult to fiddle with.

I assume that F10 is similar to F11, but I cannot
vouch for that since I haven't tried it.

I note that a "fully installed" F11 has heavy tomcat5
dependencies that attempting to remove T5, results
in some 100+ packages. Oye.


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