Fwd: Re: Understanding Local Networking - Thanks, so far....

DB Freddog_de at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Sep 19 16:54:16 UTC 2009

Hi All,

Thanks first off for the help & suggestions!

1) So far, by enabling nmb & smb services, I've been able to see my 
work-group & its machines with smb4k, I can also see the first level of 
shared directories & printers.  (Would be nice if, after installing 
Samba, that whenever I start Samba or one of its bits, 'IT' would check 
the state of the services & either start them as necessary or give me a 
message to do so...  No, I've zilch idea how to do something like that!)

BUT (there's always a 'but'!), if I click on the top level directory, 
expecting it to open up like Pandora's Box, all I get is a message "The 
share xxx could not be mounted" & in the details box

mount error(1): Operation not permitted

Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g.man mount.cifs)
Tried using mount.cifs to mount the local top directory & all I get is 
one directory from the next layer, which is also not openable.....

Using smbclient, I've been able to copy single files from one machine to 
the other!!!

2) Tried the fish in konqueror, that throws up in either direction that 
the other machine is refusing the connection:

"The server xxx refused to allow this computer to make a connection"
As far as I can understand..... using KDE Desktop Sharing, I've allowed 
anything that seems useful......

3) Found nmap & installed it to find out what ports I had on each 
machine, results;

111/tcp open rpcbind
| rpcinfo:
| 100000 2,3,4 111/udp rpcbind
| 100024 1 53843/udp status
| 100000 2,3,4 111/tcp rpcbind
|_ 100024 1 59421/tcp status
139/tcp open netbios-ssn Samba smbd 3.X (work-group: LXP)
445/tcp open netbios-ssn Samba smbd 3.X (work-group: LXP)
5900/tcp open vnc VNC (protocol 3.8)

(At the time nmap runs, I see a "Someone is requesting access" message 
from Desktop Sharing on the remote machine.)

4) I'm not able to put my "host name" in any of these commands, only the 
IP address - it seems that somewhere along the line DNS ain't doin' what 
I thought it ought to!

5) From the desktop sharing, I can generate new invitations & I've just 
managed to connect! What a trip round the houses! BUT (again!) all I get 
on the invited computer is the screen of the inviter - that actually is 
not readable - I might almost think I'd been on the beer all day!!! I'm 
guessing that to be able to change what's on the screen, the inviter 
needs to allow the invitee to use mouse & keyboard???? And I'm 
suspecting I will not be able to copy files from one to the other 
through this shared desktop?????

6) Tried to check man fuse-smb, nothing there till I installed fuse-smb. 
Not yet sure how/whether this will help me.

7) Checked /var/log/messages & var/log/samba - empty!

Again, thanks to all for your help! If anyone can point me in some new 
directions, I'll be most grateful!

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