name server via dhcp, but don't want dhcp assigned addresses

Tim ignored_mailbox at
Mon Sep 21 14:05:33 UTC 2009

On Mon, 2009-09-21 at 22:39 +0900, Joel Rees wrote:
> I have ADSL, with a "modem"/router that does filtering, dhcp, etc.  
> Since I want to refer to the boxes on the internal LAN (natted to  
> local-address subnet) by name, I have the router set to only  
> automatically allocate a piece of the subnet. Usually, all of the  
> internal machines have their IP addresses set statically, thus, to  
> addresses not included in the automatic portion of the subnet.

Do you have a computer that runs all the time you need to use any one of
the computers?  If so, you could make *that* computer a DHCP and DNS
server for your LAN, then you'll be able to control all of your
addressing issues, much more than most modem/routers let you configure
things.  That's how I run mine.

My ISP assigns WAN IPs to my modem/router, and tells it about the ISP's
DNS servers.  The only thing that uses that information (from the ISP)
is my modem/router.  I have a server computer with a DHCP and DNS server
which doles out addresses to my computers, and relates names and IPs
against each other (the DHCP server programs the DNS server with local
address data, dynamically).  All my computers use my server for name
resolution, both for local addresses and internet addresses.  The
server's DNS server does root queries for internet addresses, itself, it
completely bypasses my ISP's DNS servers (which I've always found to be
crap, even after going through half a dozen different ISPs).

Of course, I could set my DHCP server to tell client computers to use
any other particular DNS server that I cared to, but using a local one
means that local machine names are resolved, as well.

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