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Thu Sep 24 16:11:07 UTC 2009

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 3:44 AM, David Timms <dtimms at> wrote:
> Hi, I have image files of type:
> - png
> - tif  (b/w) - fax like
> - jpg
> that were produced by my scanner, during scan of a document.
> I've tried a few ways to achieve this, with limited results:
> - gscan2pdf: all png pages have a strong purple tint.
> - tiff2pdf: works for the tiff files
> - pdfedit: needs a pdf to start with, so not much help
> - pdf chain: uses pdftk to do manipulations; generates 0 byte pdf, output
> dialog seems to hang.
> - oopresentation/draw: doesn't like the tif files.
> and a few attempts with command line tools.
> I haven't found a way to (easily) combine those into a pdf. I would like to
> know if Fedora has such software already packaged, or another linux app that
> could perform this ?
> DaveT.

xsane can do this- you have to start (create) a multi-page project
(it's there in the menus somewhere). After you are finished scanning
all the pages (it will save all the individual images in a
'multipageproject' folder in your ~/Documents (default)), there is
then an option to combine all of them into a PDF.

An alternate is 'pdfsam'.


I have found gscan2pdf the easiest & fastest method, and haven't seen
any kind of tint/other artefact. Maybe your sacnner needs to be
re-calibrated or you may have chosen non-default options in
colour/brightness/contrast tabs.

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