Hatred of Fedora 11 turned to glee

Dennis Mattingly dennismattinglyzzark at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 19:54:12 UTC 2009

I've been using Fedora to play Quake 4, backup files to my external drive,
and take pictures of my bunny.
But recently all that was interrupted.

Firstly, my front Headphone jack stopped working.
So I had to attach headphones to back-of-computer to hear sound in Quake 4.

Then I want to delete files of my external drive.
Since there is an important option to "bypass Trash Can" for Nautilus, I go
to check Nautilus -> Edit -> Preferences.
<< CRASH >> (and a nice bug report appears)

I was angry, but very soon everything got much better.
: My girlfriend had turned-off the headphone jack via System -> Preferences
-> Advanced Volume Control -> Switches
: There is software update available TODAY that fixes my Preferences crash.

Not only have my problems instantly disappeared, but I've learned two new
things about Fedora:
: PulseAudio has GUI options for everything
: Fedora development team kicks arse

So keep up the good work.
It's all very much appreciated on the desktop-linux side.
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