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27. syyskuuta 2009 23.32 Veli-Pekka Kestilä <fedora at> kirjoitti:
> Hiisi wrote:
>> Dear all!
>> I would like to update BIOS on my desktop. It has gigabyte motherboard
>> and manufacturer provides only exe-utility for BIOS update. I was
>> trying to follow this tip:
>> It is possible to boot into FreeDOS but it's impossible to run
>> BIOS.exe. The error is: 'This program can't be run in DOS'
>> I have VirtualBox installed on the computer. Is it possible to update
>> BIOS from window$XP on virtual machine as guest?
>> Thanks in advance!
> No, because virtual machine can't see the real bios at all.
> Is that update program really dos-program? Sounds like you have gotten
> windows program for yourself.

No. I think it's windows program. I don't know the difference
actually. I thought it is possible to run exe programs in DOS.

> You could try to run it in winxp first to see
> if it is really an archive which will unpack the real update program. Or
> it's a floppy formatter.

How to know that? Anyway, I don't have window$ at the moment so I
can't check it. I only said I have VirtualBox installed ;-)

> You should probably check the instructions which are accomppanying that exe
> on what they say of running it.

According to
there's no instruction at all.

> -vpk

Kiitos, Veli!

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