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Michael Hennebry hennebry at
Wed Sep 30 17:13:05 UTC 2009

I'm dual booting F9 and F11.
There is a partition that mounts on F9:/home and on F11:/home.
I suspect that my ~/.* directories are stepping on each other.
I want to reorganize so that the to-be-former home partition
mounts on F9:/homes and on F11:/homes.
F9:/home would be a symbolic link to /homes/F9.
F11:/home would be a symbolic link to /homes/F11.
User fred would have home directories with canonical names
/homes/F9/fred and /homes/F11/fred .
Each would have a symbolic link to /homes/fred,
his old home directory.

Once upon a time, I would boot from a live CD,
reorganize the directories, and edit the fstabs.
IIRC fstabs now get rewritten at boot time.
Mere hand editing won't do the trick.
What will do the trick?

Also, is there a way to use labels instead of those awful UUIDs?
I concede their usefullness if one has
a lot of disks or a lot of turnover.
I have four disks.

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