Adding a NIC

Mike Dwiggins mike at
Mon Apr 12 09:47:15 UTC 2010

I have a working Fedora 12 system which is working as a Domain Host on 
the built-in eth0 interface.  I need to have a second interface for some 
in-house requirements.

Every time I insert the add-in card the system redefines my interfaces 
as eth0 (which is the new card) and eth1_rename thus having the devices 
pointed to the wrong MAC address!

I have gone through system-config-network about four times and no matter 
how I attempt to change the names and the MAC addresses the system 
stubbornly returns to the status quo.

What .conf file or files do I have to manually vi to fix this?  Any ideas?

I did this same thing in my RHEL 4 ES box and had no problems at all.



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