Fedora Community Gaming

Bruno Wolff III bruno at wolff.to
Mon Apr 26 23:37:46 UTC 2010

A suggestion was made to have game sessions for the community playing games
available in Fedora. A pilot project has been started and the first
session will be this Friday (or Saturday depending on timezone).

For background you can find the original request at:

A wiki page for this project is at:

The first session will start this Friday at 9pm EDT (0100 UTC Saturday).
We will be playing bzflag and attempting to use Fedora Talk (x2010) as a
social channel, as chatting socially by typing, while playing bzflag seems
hard to do.

bzflag is a pretty light, chaotic game that allows for easy dropping in
and out. The session will last at least 2 hours, but will go longer if
people actually show up and want to keep playing. games1.wolff.to will
be set up as a private server, but you will just be able to connect without
any special password. Before we start playing we will be using the
#fedora-games IRC channel to communicate in case there are problems.
If you think it's likely you'll show up you can add you name in the wiki
so we know how many people to expect.

The week after we will be running a Wesnoth session, using the in game
chat for socializing. That's a much different game and will probably
appeal to a different group of people.

After that, it depends on the response both a of players and people willing
to sponsor games. At least initially we want to try a lot of different
stuff. The first two being at the same time has to do with my schedule.
I would hope that other people run game sessions at different times in
order to be more accessible to other people.

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