how not to initialize HD

Paul Cartwright ale at
Sun Aug 1 12:50:13 UTC 2010

On Sun August 1 2010, JB wrote:
> You can consider nuking everything except Win XP partition and then
> organize it properly for the next 10 years or so ... with smartly
> preallocated primary partitions and the extended one.
> Somehaow I hope that this would get rid of that cfdisk error message as
> well.

did that. Booted into windows, removed the linux partitions. booted liveCD, 
fdisk /dev/sda, nuked the sda5 that was still there, so I was left with just 
sda1 NTFS. doubled-clicked the INSTALL FEDORA icon... NOW I get to the custom 
install screen!!!!!!
so I added a 2GB swap, 15GB / ext4, and, I forget, about 35GB /home ext4. Not 
gonna get into LVM right now....
installing as we speak.
then, on to church, so I'll be away from my laptop for a while:)

Paul Cartwright
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