how not to initialize HD

Darr darr at
Sun Aug 1 14:47:26 UTC 2010

On Sunday, 01 August, 2010 @04:08 zulu, Gregory Hosler scribed:

> Now, looking at your logical partitions (with minor rearrangement to
> make things more obvious):
>> /dev/sda5            4718  -->   5961     9989120   83  Linux
>> /dev/sda6            5962  -->   8094    17133291   83  Linux
>> /dev/sda8            8095  -->  11918    30716248+   c  W95
>> FAT32(LBA) /dev/sda7           11919  -->  12162     1951744   82 
>> Linux swap 
> Suddenly, the reason for the installer's message is glaringly
> obvious. You do not have any unmapped disk cylinders (as
> I suspected when I asked for your fdisk -l) 

Maybe you missed something in the primary's listings, Gregory...
I seem to recall there being some unmapped cyls there.

I prefer using the gnome partition editor, myself (rather than
partition magic)... it gives a nice user-friendly GUI so you
can see what you're doing. The version I use comes in a
261MB bootable ISO from
so the file systems can be easily accessed while unmounted.

I'm wondering if the OP needs to 'unallocate' 1308MB on the
end of the disk for CyberLink's MediaDirect (a real battery
stretcher when using the laptop as a portable DVD player,
since it let's you watch them without fully loading an OS).

Does your Dell have a MediaDirect button next to the Power button, Paul?

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