how not to initialize HD

Paul Cartwright ale at
Sun Aug 1 21:10:41 UTC 2010

On Sun August 1 2010, Darr wrote:
> I prefer using the gnome partition editor, myself (rather than
> partition magic)... it gives a nice user-friendly GUI so you
> can see what you're doing. The version I use comes in a
> 261MB bootable ISO from
> so the file systems can be easily accessed while unmounted.

I used gparted, is that what you are referring to? nice GUI.

> I'm wondering if the OP needs to 'unallocate' 1308MB on the
> end of the disk for CyberLink's MediaDirect (a real battery
> stretcher when using the laptop as a portable DVD player,
> since it let's you watch them without fully loading an OS).
> Does your Dell have a MediaDirect button next to the Power button, Paul?
I have media buttons on the front of my laptop, to play, sound up/down... I 
think it is windows Media center version, I think.. I never used much of the 
media center options, esPECIALLY Windows Media Player, I HATE it when it took 
over the entire screen!
but it is all better now, now I have XP & Fedora nicely dual-booting :) 
installed mplayer, banshee, got evolution email all setup..

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