how not to initialize HD

JB jb.123abc at
Mon Aug 2 11:58:51 UTC 2010

Paul Cartwright <fedora <at>> writes:

> On Mon August 2 2010, JB wrote:
> > this thread (investigation) proves that people should be more careful in
> > generalizing solutions ("... removing all the existing partitions ...").
> > Time permitting, a step-by-step (partition-by-partition) approach to
> > removal and reorganization (incl. resizing) can be effective and
> > educational as well. JB
> yes, as in now how do I get my media-direct partition back:)
> or really, do I NEED it..
in the other thread that evolved in the meantime under the same name, you said

> ...
> I never used much of the 
> media center options, esPECIALLY Windows Media Player, I HATE it when it took 
> over the entire screen!
> ...

I think your instict is telling you the right thing.
Stick with us, Linux/UNIX boyz and girls, and soon you will forget there is
anything like Windows on your hard disk.
I did it looooooooong time ago -:)


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