Menu Editor

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Mon Aug 2 12:15:19 UTC 2010

Joachim Backes wrote:

>> I've added an entry with Menu Editor (right click on f-button in panel)
>> to enable ssh -Y <remote host>.
>> I've set "Run in terminal" on the Advanced tab.
>> This works, except that I get a white-on-black screen
>> with nothing at the top of the screen to change this.

>> I should say that I am running Fedora-13/KDE on this laptop.

> I tried that (under gnome), but all OK (gnome-terminal started
> automatically, no such behaviour as you described, no modified screen
> layout). Your terminal is gnome-terminal?

Thanks for your response.
My terminal is konsole.
As I mentioned, I only have the problem on this laptop.
It works fine on several other computers.

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