Menu Editor

Timothy Murphy gayleard at
Mon Aug 2 23:43:08 UTC 2010

Ed Greshko wrote:

> Well, earlier you said: "This works, except that I get a white-on-black
> screen with nothing at the top of the screen to change this".   Does
> that mean the terminal that is opened when you click on the menu item
> has no border or menu?   Since the terminal options are seemingly
> ignored, I wonder if it is actually konsole that is being used.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I very much suspect that you are right,
and the command creates an xterm window -
I created a window in another desktop with "xterm &",
and it looks exactly the same.

But if so, what determines that xterm is used, rather than konsole?

I guess I could study "man xterm", to see how to change the colours,
but it would be much easier to change to konsole, if that is possible.

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