fedora power management not working in f13/kde

JB jb.123abc at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 3 10:21:54 UTC 2010

Chris Rouch <chris.rouch <at> gmail.com> writes:

> ... 
> > [jb <at> localhost ~]$ ps aux |grep -i power
> > root      1439  0.0  0.3   6028  2364 ?        S    Aug01   0:04
> > /usr/libexec/upowerd
> > ...
> Bingo! For whatever reason, upowerd is not running. If I start it by
> hand everything works as expected. So now I need to find out why it's
> either not being started or is failing silently. According to the man
> page it should be started by dbus-daemon, which is running, "whenever
> an application calls into the org.freedesktop.UPower service"
> ...
i would suggest that you make sure your system is up to date, so we can be
on the same page.
# yum check-update
# yum update

# yum list *upower*
Installed Packages
upower.i686                           0.9.5-1.fc13                      @updates
# yum reinstall upower

Now log out and back your KDE so services are restarted.

Some testing:
# ps aux |grep -i power

Regardless of its presence above, try (it may start upowerd on demand):
- pull power cord (give it 10 secs time)
- plug in again
Any changes in battery/power icon or popup msgs ?
See again:
# ps aux |grep -i power

At this point we have to do some more research:
- look into package files for anything related (config, rules, your machine)
  # rpm -ql upower
  # less /lib/udev/rules.d/95-upower*
  # ...
- are you checking your system status mail (logwatch configured) ?
  Root mail or user mail if root forwarded to.
- /var/log/*       # messages, pm-*, ...
  There could be errors, status hints reported.
- Google search (this is a package that was formerly DeviceKit-power, got
  rewritten, and causes upowerd problems in various contexts in some distros).
- search Bugzilla for reported problems/solutions/hints
- contact developer(s)
- become religious :-)

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