Dell MediaDirect and GRUB (was: how not to initialize HD)

Paul Cartwright fedora at
Tue Aug 3 10:57:51 UTC 2010

On Mon August 2 2010, Darr wrote:
> However, if that is the hard disk that came in your Dell,
> MediaDirect is ALREADY installed... you just can't see
> it because from the factory it was installed in a hidden
> partition at the end. In that cased all you should need to
> do is fix LBA0 - the MBR - (but NOT with XP's 'fixmbr'
> in repair mode, nor with fdisk /mbr), and/or the boot sector.
so, how come when I press the button now, I get the mediadirect logo screen, 
then it goes right to the grub menu.

> Here... check out this site
> that's not only a good synopsis of how MD works, but
> they make a tool to diagnose and fix the Dell MBR
> and/or the Boot Sector if the driver CD is missing.
> You could also boot off the Utilities and Drivers CD,
> then at the DOS prompt run
> x:\ > CD \MD2
I can't find that CD... I did find one for my Dimension..

> x:\MD2 > REPAIR
I booted the Dimension recovery CD, no repair.exe. The files I see are:
and some folders

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