fedora power management not working in f13/kde

JB jb.123abc at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 3 18:12:55 UTC 2010

Chris Rouch <chris.rouch <at> gmail.com> writes:

> ...
> I've no idea where the kde services log to - they don't appear to be
> processes as such
> ...
KDE 4: KSystemLog Reveals Your Log Files

# yum info kdeadmin

> ...I can't work out how to start powerdevil
> manually. I thought that there might be something in .xsession-errors,
> but there are no power references therein.
> ...
PowerDevil is part of kdebase from 4.2 on. This means it's included in kde core
releases and you no longer need to compile it as an external application.

PowerDevil is an utility for KDE4 for Laptop Powermanagement. It consists of a
Daemon (a KDED module), a KCModule to configure it, and will feature a Plasmoid

Instead of being a separate tool, PowerDevil is an integral part of KDE. You
don't have to run a specific application to have access to its functionality. It
is configurable within System Settings (under the Advanced tab), and can be
controlled with a Plasma widget on the panel or desktop if you want.

So, there appears to be no separate daemon you can detect in 'ps' processes.
KDE Power Management 101

# rpm -ql kdebase |grep -i kded

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