Intel 82574L on SuperMicro S8SIL-F (Fix!)

Mark W. Jeanmougin markjx at
Tue Aug 3 21:00:26 UTC 2010

Hello All,

There are a few threads in the archives about people having trouble
with the 82574L Intel Ethernet controller.  I have a SuperMicro
S8SIL-F board with two of these chips.  I couldn't get either of them
to work reliably.

To fix it, I went into the BIOS, set things back to default, then
changed the ACPI version to 3.0.  Now things work OK.

This is under Fedora 13, x86_64, with kernel rpm

I was using the Intel Ethernet driver, which worked fine, but this is
much more convenient.  I hope that someone else can learn from what
I've been going through.

Have a nice day!

Mark Jeanmougin

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