Red Hat employees listed in manpage have blocked addresses? Unreal.

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On 08/04/2010 11:35 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> Greetings list;
> 2 redhat employees are list as the authors of logrotate in the manpage, so 
> I just sent them a question because it isn't working as expected.

Obvious question: are you sure that the issue is logrotate and not the
application whose logs you are trying to rotate?

For most daemons, logrotate works by doing the following:

1) Move the logfile to a new name (e.g. daemon.log.1). This maintains
the current file descriptors, so the daemon continues to log to the file
at its new name.
2) Send a signal (SIGHUP) to the daemon. The daemon needs to be
configured to properly receive this signal. The responsibility of the
daemon is to close its current file descriptors for the log and open new
ones at the original location (creating a new file) and then start
logging to that one.
3) Optionally compress the old log file and/or remove any log file
backups older than a configured number of revisions.

So my question to you is: are you sure that step 2 isn't where it's
failing? Because in general, logrotate is pretty simple code and there
aren't a lot of opportunities for it to misbehave.

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