Leaving firefox running remotely through a ssh connection

Mike Klinke lsomike at futzin.com
Wed Aug 4 19:47:33 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 04 August 2010 10:05, Ed Greshko wrote:
> I believe you are confusing VNC on Windows with VNC on Linux.  On
> Windows the answer is yes since there is a single video server
> and you are simply taking over.  However, with vncserver on Linux
> you are actually creating a separate Xvnc server with its own
> display.  It will not be visible on the "console" of the remote
> machine.

Thanks for the head's up.  I found that it can be done either/both 
ways.  Right out of the box, using the FC13 
tigervnc/tiger-vncserver apps it will operate just like the VNC on 
Windows where both the local and remote sides can view and control 
the desktop according to the System->Preferences-Remote Desktop 
setup utility.  The commands I noted in my previous message will 
give that mode of operation.

However, as another option, you can setup the /etc/init.d/vncserver 
with the appropriate config in /etc/sysconfig/vncservers 
and /etc/xinetd.d and you can get the type of operation you 
mentioned too where there's no interaction on the remote desktop at 

Like anything else we do with these boxes I guess there're 25 other 
ways to do the same thing too.


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