F13 boot floppy??

Beartooth beartooth at comcast.net
Thu Aug 5 20:00:58 UTC 2010

	Yes, floppy. 

	I have an old Dell PowerEdge SC 1420, originally a server, now 
mainly for backups and bulk storage; I used to have to burn a boot.iso to 
CD, and put a Fedora DVD into an external USB drive in order to be able 
to upgrade it.

	Last time was much easier; preupgrade worked, no sweat, and it 
ran fine for a long while. Then I goofed it up. (Never mind how -- sheer 
stupidity, mistaking it for another machine on my LAN that did have 

	So I want to try F13 in rescue mode -- unless there's a better 
way. (Remember, it doesn't seem to be able to get its electrons around 
the idea of a DVD, even with Fedora and the external drive to help. Or 
unless there's a boot.iso, small enough for a CD, that I somehow failed 
to find.)

	Point is, it does seem to recognize an external USB floppy drive 
just fine, and maybe even be willing to boot from one ...

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