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James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Sat Aug 7 02:01:20 UTC 2010

Jonathan Beatty wrote:
> Viruses exist for Linux for people who mindlessly execute everything
> they're given and fail to keep current. I, personally, check every
> word of every script I run.
Of course, they also exist for Macs given the same reason.  I exercise 
the same amount of caution you do, but not everyone does.  Remember, we 
have folks coming over from Windows to Linux who never grew up with UNIX.

So, we need a virus checker, and if there are any other one's around, I 
don't know of them.

As to ClamWindows under Wine, most Windows AV products check several 
files in Windows before installing and Wine will fail those checks.  
Since Wine is a 'moving target' it would be hard to justify the expense 
of the number of changes that would be needed with a two week 
development cycle.  Maybe when Wine becomes way more stable, but not now.

And yes, they really are out to take over your computer, you are not 

James McKenzie

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