Marvin Kosmal mkosmal at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 03:29:04 UTC 2010


I am using Fedora 12 now..

Am planing on going to 13..

But, am thinking I need to resize my partitions

This is what I currently have.

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sdb6              27G  4.1G   22G  17% /
/dev/sdb1              27G  222M   25G   1% /boot
/dev/sdb2              13G  3.4G  8.4G  29% /home
/dev/sdb7              27G  172M   25G   1% /home2
/dev/sdb3             2.0G   35M  1.8G   2% /opt
/dev/sdb8              24G  223M   22G   1% /tmp

I know I am wasting a lot of my drive..

I want to dual boot with sabayon 5.3.  <just for fun>

So I was thinking:
For Fedora.

/boot  2G
/home 13G
/usr  6G
/       6G

for sabayon 5.3

/boot 2G
/home 13G
/usr 6G
/      6G

I am open to suggestions..

I really like Fedora.



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