HTML mail [was Re: FEL was Re: Hi]

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at
Sun Aug 8 15:35:51 UTC 2010

Takehiko Abe wrote:
>>>>   Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
>>>>     boundary="===============1539751590095400808=="
>>> This is HTML mail.  If it were text, this would be text/plain...
> bah. HTML is text too. It's called "text/html", which is not 
> "multipart/mixed". They are not related.
>> why does a "multipart/mixed" declaration in the header make
>> it html?
> It does not.
It IMPLIES that there are mulitple parts, one of which can be 
text/html.  The filter is picking up the message as HTML, where the next 
part could be a .zip file (UUEcoded) and this is why the message is 
being dumped.  It was not dumped because it was HTML.

Sending attachments to a mailing list is also a big no-no.  Send a text 
message, put the attachment somewhere where folks can get it and then 
post the message with URL.

James McKenzie

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