Processor Scalability and Linux

Michael Miles mmamiga6 at
Sun Aug 8 17:52:51 UTC 2010

JD wrote:
>    On 08/08/2010 10:21 AM, Michael Miles wrote:
>> I myself was going to replace my Phenom 2 965 with the 1090T as it was a
>> simple chip replacement but I decided to wait for the Bulldozer series.
>> The 1090T is a big improvement but in reality it is only a Phenom 2 with
>> 2 more cores added.
>> The bulldozer seems like it is going to open some major doors as far as
>> scalability and just the idea of having 16 cores Hyper threaded to 32
>> threads is very appealing to me.
>> Yes, the board will need replacing and ram too  but I think it will be
>> worth the wait.
> So what will you do with all that processing power?
Well, 3D animation is my thing and has been since the Amiga platform.
The power to render many minutes of animation and still have functional 
machine to do the rest of my daily activity.

I use a virtual machine running windows 7 for my animation software and 
if I want to convert a HD movie at the same time as I do everything else 
it shows a definite slow down.

I remember that very same question with a 1 megabyte ram came out...what 
would you do with all that ram.....

Same thing with cores. What would you do with all that power.

The short answer is there will never be enough power to a machine as as 
soon as it is developed we see a need for more and more.

Bloody computer junkies eh!!!!
Never satisfied ( Ya baby)

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