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Bob Goodwin bobgoodwin at wildblue.net
Sun Aug 8 19:26:32 UTC 2010

  On 08/08/10 14:18, Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
> Bob Goodwin<bobgoodwin at wildblue.net>  writes:
>>> department store router prices.  see http://www.ubnt.com/ I have one of
>>> their 300mw PCI cards and a now discontinued 300mW AP card.
>>      Where do you buy this "Ubiquiti" stuff?
>>      Their site shows some interesting equipment but after wading around
>>      a bit I find nothing about price or ordering. Perhaps I missed
>>      "clicking" somewhere? Newegg search "Ubiquiti" turns up nothing?
> Bob, I just google for the product name (in quotes) whenever I need to
> find a price.  I then bookmark the companies that had the first few hits
> and check on all the other product's prices I'm interested in.
> Wifistation $30
> http://www.wlanparts.com/product/WIFISTATION-EXT/Ubiquiti-Wifistation-EXT-USB-Adapter-80211gn-up-to-1000mW.html?meta=GBASE&metacpg=WIFISTATION-EXT&utm_source=gbase&utm_medium=CPC&utm_content=&utm_campaign=WIFISTATION-EXT
> picostation 600mw $80
> http://www.wlanparts.com/c=wHMD28QGlWVLwv4jtnDnHtgxK/product/PICOM2HP/Ubiquiti-Networks-PICOM2HP-24GHz-80211n-600mw.html
> Ubiquiti Price list:
> http://www.wlanparts.com/results.cgis?CATALOG=DEFAULT&mode=or&keywords=ubiquiti&x=0&y=0
> (I know nothing about this company other than google search ranked them highly.)
> -wolfgang

    Darn, I was hoping you had some experience upon which to recommend
    them! Yes, I googled and tried some of the places Ed suggested. It
    looks like there's a whole different WIFI industry out there apart
    from the product names we usually see in the computer ads.

    You can actually buy at the board level ... I see a "Ubiquiti
    AirRouter 802.11n Wireless Router" that looks interesting but found
    no price or even anyone offering it for sale.

    The Netgear WNDR3300 I bought on sale [so-called re-certified] from Newegg, a bargain at about $30! I've done two RMA returns and had to pay shipping so now I'm up to fifty bucks and have something that doesn't work as well as the old one I've used for the last four years. The maximum range I need is for a unit out in the shop building, the old router works fine, the new one doesn't even see it. I've raised that unit up in a shop window with line of site to the new router, nothing!. I need that working for a camera that watches my horses in pasture.

    All my access points Ethernet to wireless devices. The computer sees them as a wired connection. I have not used any of the pci plug in stuff since encountering driver problems early on. The devices I use all program from a browser and can be shifted around between computers without any configuration problems. Each one gets an address assigned via DHCP by the router according to its MAC address. That has worked well for me. I have some of the Linksys plug in cards still in the boxes, gave up messing with them.

    So now I'm looking for another router and maybe I don't need 5 gHz despite what the ad people would have me believe. In the mean time I will put the old Netgear WGR614v9 back in operation. I have several Netgear devices and have been satisfied with them, I figured the re-certified meant someone couldn't make it work and returned it, turns out they were returned with goo reason!

    So that's where I am, thanks to all for suggestions and help.



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