Processor Scalability and Linux

JD jd1008 at
Sun Aug 8 21:59:41 UTC 2010

  On 08/08/2010 01:15 PM, Roberto Ragusa wrote:
> Joshua C. wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I’ve been planning on buying a new machine but I’m not that sure what to take.
>> We’ve been seeing test and reviews on the internet between amd and
>> linux. I can say that when it comes to pure (single) core apps then
>> intel might have the lead. When it comes to scalability then amd is on
>> the move.
> Are you going to really use a lot of CPU power? (such as video processing)
> Probably not.
> If you are just planning to have a fast general-use computer, than
> do not worry too much about the CPU, as AMD or Intel and 4 or 6 cores
> will not make a real difference to you.
> Consider buying a SSD disk for your operating system and your "live" data
> plus an additional big traditional disk for your "storage" data.
> I assure you that a SSD disk will have much more impact on the speed
> of the machine.
Some years ago, I benchmarked a 32 bit application on
3 GHz Athlon 64 and 3GHz Pentium (was latest release at that time).
Both machines running RHEL 4.
The application consistently completed on the AMD in  half the time it
took on the Pentium. The cause of the improvement was IMHO the
CPU-Memory bus speeds of the AMD chip. The front side bus of teh pentium
could not move the data as fast. And That app was very very cpu and
memory intensive, with datasets as large as 3GB!!
Furthermore, it was not a multithreaded app.

Nowadays, the multicore pentiums have sped up the FSB to respectable
speeds of 1.6GHz or perhaps even higher. But I have not kept up with
this area of the technology, so I could not address the very latest
cpus from AMD and Intel.

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