wireless networking problem

JD jd1008 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 23:47:09 UTC 2010

  On 08/09/2010 04:28 PM, Gerhard Magnus wrote:
> I'm at my wits end trying to solve what I keep thinking is a simple
> problem.
> My old DSL modem doesn't have a wireless interface. It's connected to a
> router (the LAN gateway) which then has ethernet connections to my
> boxes. All of these computers use static IP addresses. The DSL modem is
> assigned a dynamic IP address by my ISP.
> I recently added a DIR-615 D-Link wireless router which connects to the
> gateway router. I also have a netbook which I first configured with a
> static IP address and the IP address of the gateway router. This worked
> fine -- but, of course, I mostly use the netbook away from home, so I
> reconfigured it to accept a dynamic IP address from whatever Starbucks
> wireless network I'm connected to.
> So now the netbook works fine, as long as I'm NOT connected to my own
> LAN. When I'm at home connected to my LAN on the netbook I can get to
> all the local computers fine -- but I can't reach the Internet.
> The wireless router has an Internet -->  WAN page in its setup that
> includes a choice of Internet Connection Types: (1) Dynamic IP (DHCP),
> which I can't use since the DSL modem has already taken the one IP
> address assigned by my ISP;
> (2) Static IP; (3) PPPoE; (4) PPTP; and (5) L2TP
> Will any of these work? I'd appreciate some advice before I rush in and
> start changing things without knowing what I'm doing...
I think you are confusing the issues.
The lan setup of your D-Link router is different from
"Connection Setup" to the WAN.
The Connection Setup to the WAN should be DHCP
And you should enable NAT in the D-Link so that LAN
ip-addresses are NAT'ed to the routable IP address of
DHCP-Obtained IP address of the D-Link Router from the DSL Modem.

That said, some DSL modems might not accept packets from the router
that are already NAT'ed to the Router's public IP address. I have seen
this in an AT&T Uverse Modem/Router - fortunately, I found a way around it.

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