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Phil Meyer pmeyer at themeyerfarm.com
Tue Aug 10 16:52:39 UTC 2010

  On 08/10/2010 10:19 AM, Bob Goodwin wrote:
>    On 09/08/10 16:43, Phil Meyer wrote:
>> I am now convinced that ethernet over power has reached an adequate
>> cost/service ratio, and are the best way to go.
>> Powerline networks are up to 200Mb commonly, and you can get a starter
>> kit with two or three, depending on brand and model, for about $150.00.
>> A combination of ethernet over power, and a meshed wireless set up from
>> open-mesh is the best of both worlds.
>> Good Luck!
>      I don't doubt such things can work but predictably? It really seems
>      like a technological step backward to me. I remember struggling with
>      various X-10 devices to control things via power line signaling in
>      the home. The device could be located near the controller but would
>      not work reliably unless on the same "phase" of the 120 system. The
>      signaling would not work unless powered by the same winding on the
>      main power transformer without additional equipment to couple the
>      signal across.
>      That was in Florida where lightning damage was a constant threat. I
>      wanted to control a solenoid operated valve at a well pump, it
>      worked initially but did not survive. Even here in Virginia I would
>      feel uneasy about creating a path from the power line to a signal
>      level input on the computer.
>      Bob

Well, when companies like DirecTV install and support them by default, 
you can assume that they have at least a minimum reliability.  That is 
what finally convinced me to look again.

The ones I now have work very well.  DirecTV had one made where the 
component end is built into a surge suppressor power strip.  Very 
handy.  It protects the ethernet port as well.  I put a switch on that 
end and tested throughput to my servers at the other end.  It performed 
as advertised, and now my PS3 lives on it as well as the DirecTV receiver.

Ping times on the PS3 in games like Red Dead Redemption, which uses 
GameSpy to connect users, seem to be very good.  I have a reasonable 
wireless set up and reception to the PS3 was good, but the ethernet over 
powerline provided better throughput for downloads and media sharing, 
and since the ping times were ok, I went with the wired set up and have 
not seen any trouble.  It will be a year in September with no issues.

These behave like a server/client technology.  The Powerline 'server' 
can feed more than one powerline 'receiver'.  So its a bit tricky to get 
the right parts, depending upon brand and model, and level of technology 
used.  A level 1 powerline device cannot be used with a level 2 device.  
Most new units are all level 2, and should work together regardless of 
brand, but I have not tested that.

But the technology in general has come a long ways in the last couple of 
Its worth checking out.

Good Luck!

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