Oracle 11g Client and Selinux

Roberto Ragusa mail at
Wed Aug 11 07:34:55 UTC 2010

Garry T. Williams wrote:
> After installation, I wanted to add the client libraries to ldconfig
> so I could link my code to them.  I added oracle.conf to the
> /etc/ directory with this line:
>     /opt/oracle/product/lib
> and ran ldconfig as root.  Now the fun started.
> I was surprised to see /lib64/dbus-1/dbus-daemon-launch-helper link to
> Oracle's version of libexpat.
> What did I do wrong?

Did you add the line in in first position or in last position?
Could be related to ordering.

Or, more simply, what you specify in has precedence against
/lib and /usr/lib, so the Oracle lib always wins. (man seems
to suggest this).
In that case you should not modify for Oracle. Just run Oracle
with a suitable LD_LIBRARY_PATH and do not pollute the system config.
The Oracle installer should have created a oraenv file somewhere for you;
it messes with some env vars, including LD_LIBRARY_PATH. You should run it
(with ". /xxxx/oraenv") before Oracle.

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