Creating an Audio only DVD from several CD's

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Wed Aug 11 12:34:09 UTC 2010

On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 05:28:51PM -0700, JD wrote:
>   On 08/10/2010 05:15 PM, Michael Miles wrote:
> > linux at wrote:
> >> Maybe a solution to this would be to put the wav files on a Video-DVD
> >>>   and leave the video directory empty. This would however only give you
> >>>   a sample rate of 48000 Hz instead of up to 192000 Hz as specified for
> >>>   a DVD-A. But then at least you could play the DVD on most any
> >>>   DVD-player. I am going to try that tomorrow.
> >>
> > This is about the only way I could get this to work.
> >
> > It's a shame but the big problem is the Media companies. Mp3, aac, ogg,
> > any of the lossy formats are ok with them but lossless, mo way they make
> > it hard. No real support for probably one of the better music
> > formats.... DVD-A.
> >
> > The work around is DVD-Video with out the video. Use in a 4 hour long
> > play and it gets a few cd there (5-6)
> >
> > Kdenlive works
> So, how do I create a DVD-Video without the Video, but with only Audio?
> KdEnlive can do that?
> Guess I need to read up and the how to!


Well, my steps to make a Video-DVD containing mainly audio are as

$> ffmpeg -loop_input -t 2000 -i display.jpg -i 1.wav -r 44100 -target pal-dvd -aspect 4:3 1.mpg
$> ffmpeg -loop_input -t 2000 -i display.jpg -i 2.wav -r 44100 -target pal-dvd -aspect 4:3 2.mpg
$> dvdauthor -o testdvd -x dvd.xml
$> cat dvd.xml
<vmgm />
<vob file="1.mpg" />
<vob file="2.mpg" />
$> growisofs -Z /dev/sr0 -dvd-video testdvd/

The resulting DVD+RW (as I said before, I am having strange problems
creating DVD+R but no problems with DVD+RW) plays on vlc as well as on
my Denon DVD-player. 

Leaving out the video encoding doesn't seem to work, so I gave a photo
as a loop input into ffmpeg. 

However, it seems as if by the point all the audio has been encoded,
in ffmpeg's display the frame number keeps rising, but the size of the
resulting mpg file does not increase anymore. I need to press q to
stop ffmpeg encoding, and then I need to give it a shell interrupt
because it does not react anymore. 

Surely there must be an option which I have missed on the command line
of ffmpeg to tell it to stop loop_encoding the photo when the end of
the audio is reached. I might have to ask this on the ffmpeg mailing



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