Problem with Firefox

JB jb.1234abcd at
Wed Aug 11 18:58:18 UTC 2010

JD <jd1008 <at>> writes:

> ... 
> I have flash flash-plugin-
1. you need to UPGRADE to latest flash
   Installed Packages
   flash-plugin.i386          @adobe-linux-i386
2. check FF for anything unusual (bold text indicates user changes)
   Once again, this is about JavaScript (not Java !).
   filter: java
   If any bold items are there, please let us know (if you are not sure).
3. youtube help center
   - at bottom click Help
   - click General Help Center
   - in Search Help input field: you seem to have JavaScript turned off
   - read any help answer item, do what they say; then follow additional
     instructions on that page in case you still need help (like Step 1 ...
     select Yes radio batton), etc.
   Remember. this is from Youtube itself, so take it seriously what they say !

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