Recovering a Ghost Image

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Wed Aug 11 23:40:40 UTC 2010

Paul F. Johnson wrote:
> Hi,
> Just before my old laptop was destroyed by the dog (don't ask), I made a
> back up from the laptop using Norton Ghost 15 thinking I would be able
> to use Norton via Wine to recover the archives.
> Turns out that N15 won't run under Wine and won't boot via another
> laptop (way too old).
> Shortly after the backup, my RAID array on the main machine went belly
> up, so I also lost a pile of stuff from there, but not the stuff from
> the old laptop (held on a different drive).
> Is there any way to dearchive a Norton image via qemu or something like
> that?
Windows can be installed in a VM under qemu (hopefully you have kvm-capable 
hardware for speed). I know that works, I'm told Norton works, I don't use 
Windows other than to test access, so I don't have it.

Good luck.

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