OTish :D Colors of Cases for Fedora was: Re: Open Letter

Robert Myers rbmyersusa at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 05:32:04 UTC 2010

On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 1:02 AM, Tim <ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au> wrote:
> Tim:
>>> Are your cases under bright lighting, or in the sunlight?  If not, I'd
>>> suspect that casing colour wouldn't be significant.  Colour's more of an
>>> issue about absorbing heat, than radiating it.
> g:
>> you left out the 'basic of the theory'.
>> color/colour would/may be less relevant compared to if case is a
>> dark green or light green.
>> dark colors or light colors equating to black or white.
> Fair enough.  A dark body in sunlight is going to get hotter, much
> easier, than a light body (such as a computer next to the office
> window).  And since we're talking computers, and not jet engines, I'm
> fairly sure that heat getting into a box is more of an issue than
> radiating heat.  It's the fans that will be doing that much more than
> the case.
> Going off on a tangent, only a little while ago I was at a product
> demonstration for a professional Panasonic video camera, and got
> castigated for daring to ask whether they'd considered making the camera
> in something other than black.  While black is good for not upsetting
> your arty lighting, I pointed out that when we take a black camera
> outdoors in the Australian summer sun, it roasts in minutes.  It gets
> too hot to handle, and the camera overheats.  They just didn't get it.
> They didn't see it as a problem, and also thought that because it's
> mostly digital, heat induced noise won't be an issue.  Idiots!  The
> first stages are analogue, and they're highly sensitive.
A black object will more readily exchange heat by radiation with its
surroundings than a white object.  If your computer case is hotter
than other objects it is receiving radiation from, a black case will
radiate more effectively, just as it will absorb more effectively if
the surrounding objects are hotter.  A green object will be somewhere
in between.

If you put your black computer next to a window on a cold winter
night, it will run cooler than a white computer in the same position.


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