Accessing a DNS server fails on an alternate IP address

Steve Searle steve at
Thu Aug 12 12:43:09 UTC 2010

I have a DNS server running on a physical server However
I like to split all my services onto their own IP addresses for ease of
migration, so I logically assign to this server using
the following lines in /etc/rc.d/rc.local

  ifconfig eth0:2
  route add -host dev eth0:2

This makes it more straightforward if I ever want to move the service to
a different physical server - I just reassign the logical IP address.

However I cannot access the server using the alternate address. In other

  $ dig @ capercaillie

works as expected, but:

  $ dig @ capercaillie

returns a "no servers could be reached" message. This happens even if I
take down the firewall on the server.

I have got round it by getting the dhcp server to give out the ...126.1
address, but would prefer to get the ...126.154 address working.

The client machines are running Fedora 13, but the server is running
CentOS 5.5.

Any thoughts?


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