Floppy on fc12 could not find

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 12 19:19:46 UTC 2010

Vincent Onelli <vonelli at optonline.net> wrote:
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>Subject: Re: Floppy on fc12 could not find
>> > Subject: Re: Floppy on fc12 could not find
>> >   On 08/08/2010 12:32 PM, Vincent wrote:
>> > > Hello,
>> > > I am try to use the floppy on Dell Dimension 8300 with fc12 but it
>> > > didn't mount.
>> > > Here is what I did:
>> > > # mkdir /mnt/floppy
>> > >
>> > > # mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 mnt/floppy
>> > > mount: special device /dev/fd0 does not exist
>> > >
>> > > I look in the dev directory the fd0 does not exist.
>> > > I will appreciate help
>> > > and thank you in advace
>> > > Vinny
>> > >
>> > try modprobe floppy first.
>> > 
>> did, no change.
>> oops.. My apology I recall the previous entry that I was try different
>> dir "etc" I correct to "dev" and every thing works fine.
>> thank you very much.
>> vinny
>I loose the floppy Icon every time I reboot. To get it back I need to
>run "modprobe floppy", this may not be too much of problem, but I still
>can't access the diskette when I try to access it by double clicking the
>icon. The message appears "unable to mount location no media in the
>drive". By the way the diskette and floppy are OK with windows I also
>try few other diskette. I do not know how to access from command line.

You can try to access the drive by typing in:

cd /mnt/floppy (that is where is shows up on my system)

and then


This should list all of the files readable on the drive.

>Any idea what else I could be doing wrong?

Don't know.  Not many folks use floppy disks anymore.

You did state that the disks are read/writable under Windows, correct?

I'll verify that my disk drive works this evening as I still have one or two around and a computer with a micro-floppy drive.

James McKenzie

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