F12: bash-completion issues?

Daniel B. Thurman dant at cdkkt.com
Fri Aug 13 00:18:25 UTC 2010

On 08/12/2010 05:07 PM, Mikkel wrote:
> On 08/12/2010 05:41 PM, Daniel B. Thurman wrote:
>> Yes, in the original post, I said that there is a ListAvailable file in
>> the Desktop
>> directory, so bash-completion does not find any matching file there.  It
>> seems
>> that bash-completion does not work on local files that are known to be
>> there,
>> and I tried it on links, and directories (except for "Desktop" which it
>> did expand)
>> UNLESS it is prefixed with certain commands in front of it, such as:
>> # cd ~/Desktop
>> # ls List<Tab>
>> ListAvailable
>> So it worked.
>> But these fails:
>> # List<Tab>
> Normally does not search the current directory - it searches you
> executable search path for an executable starting with List.
>> # ./List<Tab>
> Will only work if List<whatever> is in the current directory AND is
> executable. I believe, but have not tested, that it will also fail
> if the current directory is on a partition that is mounted noexec.
>> # yum list available > List<Tab>
> Works for me in F12 as long as List<whatever is in the current
> directory. I am not sure why it isn't working for you.
> Mikkel
Yes, that was how I discovered this anomaly - it was not expanding
for some reason.  I was trying to figure it out... what broke sort of
thing...  and it seemed to happen after an update, but maybe it is not


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