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On Thu, 2010-08-12 at 22:40 -0400, Robert Myers wrote:
> A really clear explanation of the basic physics would require an
> extensive journey through lots of non-trivial material, and there is
> no way you can explain to a ninth-grader things that puzzled the
> world's best physicists at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

An argument I often used to make about school...  We were expected to
grasp, in half an hour, what some theorist had spent their lifetime
working out.  Not only that, but often from an incompetent teacher.

I clearly recall upsetting our advanced maths teacher, one day, when I
told him that I could see absolutely no point to what we were doing,
that lesson.  ;-)  I still don't.  Other things we learnt, yes, but not

I don't mind a bit of time wasting when it's entertaining, or otherwise
interesting.  But not on something that we're supposed to slog our guts
out to learn, and having our grades depend on it.

> If I have succeeded in making just one person productively curious, I
> think the off-topic bandwidth is justified.

Oh I didn't mind the interesting information, and various other
interesting diversions that we have from time to time.  My comment was
more to do with the waste of effort trying to build the ultimate cool
computer, for insignificant gain, compared to just building an ordinary
cool computer.  ;-)

Buy the one that looks good, feels sturdy, fits all your bits, can power
them well, and has good ventilation.

As far as my experience goes, any dark-cased electronics get hotter
(temperature-wise) than the ones in pale casings.  They absorb more heat
from everything, and raise the internal temperature much more.  You get
the same thing with cars.  Yes, black may well be more thermally
conductive, but probably not in the direction that you want it to.

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