What does the DVD media check if installing a new Fedora version? / Proposal

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Fri Aug 13 14:31:34 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-08-13 at 10:32 +0200, Joachim Backes wrote:
> What does the DVD/CD media check exactly if booting a Fedora DVD/CD?
> Is it the sha256sum? If yes, why this media check, because it could be
> done after having burned the DVD?

You can, but you might strike this problem:  The disc checks out fine on
one drive, but reads badly on another.

So a check checks the disc on that drive, and you may wish to check it
reads fine when you use it on another PC.  Or you may be happy to forgo
re-checking it.

> If not, is it possible to perform this media check immediately after
> having burned the DVD (means: can I start the media check from that
> freshly burned DVD?)
Some burning software already does checksum the burnt disc against the
master, immediately after burning the disc.  I think Brasero does that,
I'm sure others do, too.

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