Xlib: extension "XFree86-Misc" missing on display ":0.0".

JD jd1008 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 20:57:09 UTC 2010

  On 08/15/2010 01:38 PM, JD wrote:
>  On 08/14/2010 10:05 AM, JD wrote:
>>  $ xset r rate 3 30
>> Xlib:  extension "XFree86-Misc" missing on display ":0.0".
> I tracked down the original bug against xset bailing out with
> this error:
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2258
> A patch was issued, but apparently never integrated, or
> perhaps never accepted by the mainline devs.

Though I am still unable to get
xset r rate N M  (where N=delay, M=rate)
to work, I decided to look at the defaults.

Do these default values look reasonable?

$ xset q
Keyboard Control:
   auto repeat:  on    key click percent:  0    LED mask:  00000000
   auto repeat delay:  985    repeat rate:  111
   auto repeating keys:  00ffffffdffffbbf

I never set the value of the autorepeating keys.
How are they being set like this by default?

As you can see the delay is almost a full second,
but in practice, it is more like 1.20 seconds.

If on your fedora xset r rate N M
works without giving you the error message,
could you please share your xorg.conf and the
version of these packages:



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