Nvidia proprietary drivers vs. Fedora xorg packages

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Mon Aug 16 14:24:10 UTC 2010

>> Considering that others have repackaged the same drivers, so they
>> install without stuffing up the original system files, the answer
>> would probably be that there is no good reason, just laziness on
>> their behalf.
>> If they're making the drivers, they can make it ask for files with
>> different file paths, or file names, and leave the original ones
>> alone.

Marko Vojinovic:
> The nVidia folks do not package the drivers just for Fedora, but are
> instead trying to cover all Linux flavors with one single
> automated .bin install script.

If they were putting all their own files in /usr/share/nvidia (or
something similar), and making their driver look in there, I might give
them the benefit of the doubt.  But it would appear, from other's prior
diagnosis of their installations, that they just stomp all over Xorg
files, with gay abandon.

If a driver calls for some standard system file in a standard location,
then it should use what's there.  If it wants something different, then
it should call something different, and from a unique filepath.

It just seems like just more crap Windows-like programming.  Where
someone just piles crap all over the place, because all they care about
is whether their thing does its trick.  Not what other damage it

It's perfectly possible, with hardware that has the bits you need, and
when drivers aren't shovelled in without due care, to run more than one
graphics card on a computer.  But all it takes is one I-don't-care-less
programmer to stuff that up.

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