OT: soundcard Oscilloscope.

Rick Stevens ricks at nerd.com
Tue Aug 17 00:14:09 UTC 2010

On 08/16/2010 04:37 PM, Larry Brower wrote:
> Mick M. wrote:
>> Hi Bryn;
>>    thanks for the email.
>> I tried then all, no luck.
>> The closest was xscope, it ./configured but would not make.

xscope is NOT xoscope.

> What were the errors when attempting to build it ?

Latest release is over a year old (June 2009), so it's bound to be
a bit out of date.

I just tried to build it and there are a number of references to 
deprecated GTK calls such as "GTK_WIDGET_VISIBLE" and
"GTK_WIDGET_STATE" (all deprecated since GTK V2.2).  These can be
gotten around by running "./configure", then editing


and deleting the "-DGTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED" line in that file.  Then
run "make" and it'll build.

It's a bit odd to specifically disallow the use of the deprecations in
the Makefile, but require them in the code.

Ah, well.
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