understanding smart logs

Suvayu Ali fatkasuvayu+linux at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 15:37:32 UTC 2010


On Sunday 15 August 2010 08:27 PM, JD wrote:
>> >  That should be possible.  Any errors should be a good reason to send the
>> >  drives back.
>> >
>> >  James McKenzie
>> >
> Of course. Be sure to zero out the drive if it contains
> sensitive data or private intellectual property before
> sending it for replacement.

I have contacted Western Digital, but I am yet to hear from them. In the 
mean time I want to minimize what ever problems I have since I have to 
run my machine with this drive until they confirm my RMA.

I came across this page on the smartmontools sourceforge page,


Does any one think its worth a try to attempt this?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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